Webhook support

This document covers the Webhook support feature

For our Premium and Enterprise users, we provide webhooks. This allows you to write all the detections to a external system. For example a SIEM environment. Our webhooks send JSON via a POST-request to the provided URL. The table below shows all fields that are available via our webhook:

Key Value
website_url The URL of your protected website
clone_url The URL of the detected clone
clone_domain The domain of the detected clone
mail Your email
embedlink Your personal link
plan The plan
client_ip IP-address of the victim
victim_page_views Number of PageViews on the clone
last_activity Timestamp of the Last Activity on the clone
urlscan A link to the automated analysis
mitigated Mitgation status
aitm Whether the clone is a Evilginx clone

Mitigate clones