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DSCM is developed by Wesley Neelen, co-founder of the cybersecurity startup Zolder and mobile app Attic. I have been working for more then 10 years as an ethical hacker / penetration tester. In this role the main task is to find vulnerabilities within IT-environments of customers and advising them on how to mitigate the vulnerabilities.

Next to penetration tests, I also perform security research. One of the subjects was investigating phishing sites that pop-up every day. During this work I saw the lack of protection mechanisms against website cloning. While some techniques are available.

This is why DSCM was created. Our mission is to simplify website clone protection. While technical knowledge enables you to implement these measures independently, we aim to make it even easier and more accessible to everyone. We strive to build a tool that individuals of all skill levels can effortlessly implement this technology.

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