July, 2023

Version 2023.07RELEASE

  • Google Tag Manager template was added to the public GTM gallery.
June, 2023

Version 2023.06RELEASE

  • Added backend improvements to reduce false positives
May, 2023

Version 2023.05RELEASE

  • Added DSCM to the Attic app
April, 2023

Version 2023.04RELEASE

  • Add Drupal extension
March, 2023

Version 2023.03RELEASE

  • Add Joomla! extension
January, 2023

Version 2023.01RELEASE

  • Added quarterly summary report mail
December, 2022

Version 2022.12RELEASE

  • Added Google tag manager install
  • Show full URL's of clones in notifications
November, 2022

Version 2022.11RELEASE

  • Added Cloudflare caching support
  • Added stats on the website frontpage
  • Added changelog on the website
August, 2022

Version 2022.08RELEASE

  • Send mail to users whenever a successful install is detected
  • Send a install reminder mail to users after 90 days
July, 2022

Version 2022.07RELEASE

  • Initial release :)