Releasing Enterprise

Today we are releasing a major update of DSCM. We have been working for months on our new Enterprise plans, specifically crafted for Enterprise organizations. We understand that larger organizations don’t want to use our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, because they want and need more control over the infrastructure and data.

Adding Microsoft 365 Mitigations

Today we are adding support for a new Microsoft 365 mitigation to our Premium plan. This mitigation allows you to not only detect a phishing attempt, but it also enables you to warn the users within your tenant whenever they visit a (AITM) phishing page. The warning states that the victim should not login with their credentials (password). This may prevent a successful phishing attack, protecting your organization.

Introducing webhook support

Today we are adding support for notifications via webhooks to DSCM Premium. Webhooks are often used by SOC’s to ingest data into a SIEM/SOAR system. This way the SOC is able to centralize their logs into one system. This is just an example use-case of Webhooks. They can be used for many more integrations. We just take this one as an example. This blog explains how to use our webhooks.

Cybercriminals cloning Shopify stores to scam visitors

Nowadays, lots of people run online stores using Shopify. It’s a great way to sell things on the internet. However, Shopify stores are also being cloned and mirrored by malicious actors in order to scam visitors. In this blog, we’ll talk about what they’re doing and how it can hurt store owners and customers.

The launch of DSCM Premium!

Today we are releasing a major update of DSCM. We have been working for months on a new version, containing a lot of new and more advanced features. The free version of DSCM has been running for more than a year. In this year over 1000 users signed up, about 150 clones were detected and over 10 million requests are analyzed every month.