The launch of DSCM Premium!

Today we are releasing a major update of DSCM. We have been working for months on a new version, containing a lot of new and more advanced features. The free version of DSCM has been running for more than a year. In this year over 1000 users signed up, about 150 clones were detected and over 10 million requests are analyzed every month.

By the way, this release we also updated our logo:

DSCM new logo

We want to note that the free version of DSCM will remain free for all users. Users that want to have more features may upgrade to our Premium version if they want to. This blog contains a description of the new features that DSCM Premium contains.

Manual reviews Like any automated system, DSCM may trigger on false positive results. Therefor, we manually review the clones that are detected in our Premium plan. This decreases the amount of false positives and increases the quality of the notifications being sent by the system. This makes sure that you will be only notified when it is actually relevant.

Advanced detection Our Premium plan offers better techniques to detect clones. This increases the chance that clones are actually spotted by the system.

Domain hiding We implemented domain hiding features. Our free users use code with the domain, which can be simply recognized and removed by attackers. The Premium plan implements domain fronting techniques, which uses domains of legit cloud providers. This decreases the chance a attacker spotting that your website is protected by DSCM. Increasing the chance of detecting malicious clones.

Evidence gathering When a clone is detected in our Premium version, we automatically analyse the clone, so you don’t have to do so. This makes sure that information about the clone is collected, before the clone goes online. This information may be useful as evidence or for further investigation. Information collected is for example a screenshot, hashes and an overview of all calls being performed on a clone.

Mitigate clones Spotting clones is one of the key features of DSCM. But after spotting a clone, users have a hard time on mitigating them. Therefor, we are introducing functionalities to actually mitigate the clone. This allows you, as a website owner, to block user input on the clone. This prevents victims falling into the scam. We may expand the mitigate clones solutions in the future, to offer even more options and flexibility.

Premium Dashboard Also, we now offer a Premium dashboard. This dashboard allows you as a user to manage all your information on a single page.


This user-friendly Dashboard offers you the following capabilities:

Get a overview of all your detections

  • Date found
  • Clone name
  • Cloned website
  • Number of visitors on the clone
  • View the technical analysis
  • Mitigate the threat
  • View status (Online / Offline / Mitigated)

Get a overview of all your installations

  • Installation domain
  • Personal links
  • Status of your installation

Manage your subscriptions

  • Update your payment methods
  • Update your subscriptions details

DSCM Premium allows us to further professionalize and develop the service. Do you want to protect your website using DSCM? Take a look at our Premium sign-up page