Releasing Enterprise

Today we are releasing a major update of DSCM. We have been working for months on our new Enterprise plans, specifically crafted for Enterprise organizations. We understand that larger organizations don’t want to use our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, because they want and need more control over the infrastructure and data.

In the Enterprise plan, a private instance of the platform is hosted on the (Azure) infrastructure of the customer. Data never leaves their infrastructure without permission. The Enterprise plans are now available via the Azure Marketplace.

If you order the software via the Azure Marketplace, it will automatically deploy all required Azure resources within your own Azure subscription and Region. Deployment takes a few minutes. After deployment you can immediately use the platform to protect your websites and login pages. This video shows how easy it is to deploy our Enterprise Plan via Azure:

In our Enterprise plans, we will manage the platform: making sure it is operating properly and everything is up-to-date. Also, we deliver support. If you have any questions about the platform we will help you out, to get the most out of the platform. As an additional service, we offer customizations on request.

Interested or need more information? Feel free to contact us.